What Does Instagram User Mean – Deactivated Or Blocked?


Instagram is a widely used social media app to stay in touch with your friends and acquaintances.

You can connect with them by typing their name or user name in the search bar. After connecting with them, you can send them messages, like and comment on their pictures, tag them on posts, etc. 

However, there are times, when you search for someone, the name shows as Instagram User, or if you open the inbox, you find someone named Instagram User. 

So if you are thinking what does Instagram User mean then you are at the right place. Also, It's not just you. Many people have made assumptions and get confused about what it means. 

We'll go into the details of what does Instagram users mean in this article. Read the full article to know more about it. 

What does Instagram User mean?

The answer to what Instagram users mean is very simple. 

What Does Instagram User Mean – Deactivated Or Blocked

On Instagram, if a user's account name changes to "Instagram User", it can mean one of 4 things:

  • The person has blocked you. 
  • The person has deactivated their Instagram account temporarily. 
  • The person has deleted their Instagram account. 
  • Their account has been banned.

It is very hard to distinguish if the person has blocked you, deactivated/deleted their profile, or got banned.

So, how do you tell the difference between a blocked and deactivated account? Before we do that let us understand what are deactivated and blocked accounts and how to identify them.

What is a deactivated Instagram account?

A deactivated Instagram account is an account that has been temporarily or permanently disabled by the account owner. This means no one can open up their profile and see the content they have posted before. 

A user essentially suspends their account when they deactivate it.

By logging back into Instagram at any time, they can reactivate their account. All of their old content will be restored when they reactivate their account, and all of their settings, followers, and following will remain the same.

A user could decide to deactivate their Instagram account for a number of reasons. For instance, individuals can have personal reasons for needing a vacation from social media, or they might be experiencing harassment or other problems on the site. 

While the user's account and material are still available to them, deactivating an account can offer a little respite from these issues.

What is a deleted Instagram account?

A deleted Instagram account is an account that has been deleted permanently by the user. Users cannot reactivate deleted accounts or retrieve deleted content once they have deleted them.

What is a deleted Instagram Account

Deactivating an account, however, is a reversible action that enables the user to take a break from the site without losing any of their content when they decide to return.

Users delete their accounts when they decide not to use that account or that platform anymore because of any reason. 

How can someone identify a deactivated account?

There are a number of indicators that an account has been disabled, making it quite easy to spot a deactivated Instagram account. A few methods for identifying a deactivated account are listed below:

  • 1. Searching their username: If you give a quick search on Instagram and the result states “Sorry, this page is not available”, that means the account may have been deactivated.
  • 2. Blank profile picture: Another indicator could be a default profile picture (i.e., a default grey silhouette) appearing on the user’s profile. When someone deactivates their account their profile picture is removed.
  • 3. “User not found”: When you try to access a deactivated account, you will be hit with the message “User not found”. This means their profile is no longer accessible and no one on Instagram can find their profile. 

What is a blocked account on Instagram?

An Instagram account that has been blocked is not permitted to communicate with your account

Block Someone on Instagram

On Instagram, blocking someone prevents them from seeing your profile, posts, or stories. They can no longer send you messages, or like and comment on your posts, and can no longer find your profile if they try to search.

When someone blocks you, you never get informed that you've been blocked by them, but you can find out about it when you realize that you can no longer see their posts or send them messages or their profile picture has turned into the default one. 

How to identify whether you have been blocked or not?

There are some ways to find out whether you have been blocked by someone or not.

  • 1. Searching for their account: It's possible that they have blocked you if you look for the user's account on the Instagram app or website and can't find it. On Instagram, when someone blocks you, their account is no longer visible in search results.
  • 2. Look up their profile: It's likely that the individual has blocked you if you were previously following them but are no longer able to read their profile or content. You won't be able to view someone's Instagram profile, posts, or stories if they block you.
  • 3. You get an error when you try to follow them: If you try to follow a person and get the error message "Action Blocked," it's possible that they have blocked you. When Instagram restricts your ability to perform a certain action, such as following or unfollowing accounts, liking or commenting on posts, or sending direct messages, an error will display.
  • 4. Check likes and comments: Check to see if your prior comments and likes are still available if you have previously remarked or liked the person's posts. Your comments and likes might have vanished, which might indicate that you have been blocked.
  • 5. Check Followers: Check your followers list to determine if the person you think has blocked you is still there if you were previously following them. If you are unable to locate their profile in your list of followers, they may have blocked you.

What is the difference between blocked and deactivated accounts?

You must be wondering if identifying blocked and deactivated accounts are quite the same.

For instance, you can not view their post if they have blocked you or deactivated their account, and in DMs, you see ‘Instagram User’ displayed instead of their username. 

So, what is the difference? Well, there are a few ways to tell the difference as listed below:

  • Check your DM: You may check to see if a conversation you had with a user in an Instagram Direct Message is still active. If the user's name and profile image has been replaced with "Instagram User," but the conversation is still accessible, it's possible that they have deactivated their account. However, if the conversation has completely stopped, the user has probably blocked you. 
  • Searching their profile: When someone blocks you on Instagram you can no longer search for their profile but others can. So, if you have a friend on Instagram, and you want to find out if another person has blocked you or not, you can ask your friend to search for that person’s account. If your friend can see that person’s profile, it is possible that you have been blocked. If your friend cannot see the profile, it is possible that the user has only deactivated their account.

In general, the motivation behind the action on Instagram is what differentiates a blocked account from a deactivated account

When someone blocks you, they are choosing to prevent you from accessing their stuff on purpose. Deactivation is the voluntary decision to suspend an account either temporarily or permanently. 

What to do when someone blocks you?

Now that you know what Instagram User mean when it appears instead of the username, and you are sure that you have been blocked by someone, you should handle it carefully. 

Blocking friends

Being blocked on Instagram can be a challenging situation to handle, especially if it happens unexpectedly or you don't know why. 

Here are some suggestions for managing the emotional effects of Instagram blocking someone:

  • Spend some time thinking through your emotions. Being blocked on Instagram can cause a variety of feelings, such as despair, rage, and confusion. Before doing anything, it's crucial to give yourself some time to identify and process these emotions.
  • It can be very tempting to try to retaliate against the person who blocked you by making a new account, sending irate messages, or spreading rumors about them. However, we would suggest you rethink every move you make as this can affect your long time relationship with them.
  • Instead of obsessing over the unpleasant experience of being blocked, place your attention on developing positive interactions with other Instagram users. Join forums or organizations where you can interact positively and respectfully with people who have interests similar to your own.
  • If you feel like it, you might want to think about reaching out to the individual who blocked you in an effort to find a solution. Avoid criticizing or condemning them in your communication; instead, be respectful and understanding.

Keep in mind that blocking someone on Instagram is ultimately up to them, and there may be nothing you can do to influence their choice

The most crucial thing is to prioritize your own development and well-being, while also making an effort to uphold healthy interactions with other users on the network. 


In conclusion, the ‘Instagram User’ means a person has deactivated their account. We have also discussed the differences between a deactivated Instagram account and a blocked Instagram account. 

A deactivated account is an account that has been temporarily or permanently deleted by the user and a blocked account is an account that has been stopped from having any interaction with your account. 

We covered the distinctions between a blocked Instagram account and a deactivated Instagram account in this article.

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