What Does PMOYS Mean On Snapchat?


Snapchat is a popular social media app among teenagers. It has more than 400 million daily active users globally. It is mostly used by teenagers for texting, photo sharing, etc. 

On apps like Snapchat, teenagers text using slang and short forms of words, These words keep changing from time to time. If a person has not been active on the internet for a while, they may not be able to understand the meaning of these words. 

One such word is PMOYS. If someone sent you this on Snapchat and you don't know what PMOYS means, then do not worry. You are not the only one with no idea of the meaning of the word PMOYS. There are so many people who do not understand this word. 

Today in this article, we will tell you what PMOYS on Snapchat means. We will also tell you how you can use it, and other meanings of PMOYS. 

Meaning of PMOYS on Snapchat

PMOYS on Snapchat means Put Me on Your Snapchat. If a friend sends you this text, it means that they are asking you to put them up on their story. 

Put me on your story

You have to take a photo with them or use a used one and then upload it as a Snapchat story mentioning them.

It also means Put Me on Your Story. It can be said to people you closely know. You can not just go out and ask people to put you on their Snapchat story. 

When to use PMOYS on Snapchat?

You can use PMOYS or Put Me on your Snapchat in different ways. 

1. To prove friendship: Let's say you have made new friends and you are unsure whether they take you as a friend. You can ask them to put you on their Snapchat. If they do it, it will mean that they consider you as a friend and are not hiding you from other friends. 

2. To gain popularity: If you have hit a follower's plateau, you can ask your friend to give you a shout-out on their Snapchat story. This way, their followers will know about you and might start following or adding you. This may increase your popularity. 

3. To show that you are hanging out with someone: When teenagers go to some special places, events, games, etc they love to let everyone know that they were there and with whom. So if you want people to know that you hung out with someone at some place, you can ask them to put a story of that place with you on Snapchat. This way, everyone will know that you went out with that person.

Other Snapchat slangs

There are 100s of Snapchat slang on the internet. Kids use it because it is easy to type plus they find it cool to use slangs that are short for some things. 

Now that we know what PMOYS means when someone texts you on Snapchat, let's have a look at some more Snapchat slang that you may encounter. 

SN: SN on Snapchat has 2 meanings. One is Screen Name, the other is say nothing. These 2 meanings can be used interchangeably depending on the context. 

For example, if someone wants to know your user name, they will ask for your SN. But if someone wants you to keep quiet in a situation, they will send SN which will mean say nothing. 

IFK: IFK means I F**king Know. It is used when someone tells you something that you already know. It is used as a sarcastic comment as well as to show frustration when someone keeps telling you the same thing.  

HY: HY is used to show excitement for something. HY means Hell Yeah on Snapchat. It is to show that you agree with something with excitement.

ATP: ATP stands for Answer the Phone. Let's say you are talking to someone on Snapchat. Now you want to talk to them on the phone. You can inform them that you are going to call and you want them to answer. 

WRD: WRD is short for Word on Snapchat. If someone says something that hits right or something to which you want to express shock, you say WRD. WTW: This is another teenager slang used on Snapchat. It stands for What’s the word? It simply means that you want to initiate a conversation with someone and are asking what is up. 

OOTD: OOTD stands for Outfit of the day. It is used to showcase what someone went out wearing. This is one of the most used slang by influencers these days on Social media sites like Snapchat and Instagram.

AMOS: When you meet new people, you want to connect with them on social media. AMOS stands for Add Me on Snapchat. So if you want someone to add you on Snapchat, you can simply say AMOS.

SCB: It stands for Snapchat back. Let's say you want to talk about something urgent with someone on Snapchat, you can say SCB. It is also used when your streak is breaking with someone. After seeing SCB, they will send a snap which will save your streak. 

More slangs you should know

Apart from Snapchat, there are more slang terms on different social media and direct texts. 

Snapchat slangs

Here are some of the most used slang that you should know.

1. DM: It stands for Direct Message. When you want someone to directly come to your inbox, you say DM. 

2. AMA: AMA is short for Ask me anything. When you are free you can do an AMA where people will ask you anything about you and your life. 

3. Smash: It is a term used by teenagers for casual hookups. When they want to hook up they say let’s smash. 

4. F4F: It stands for Follow for Follow on Instagram and other social media apps. This means that if anyone follows you, you will follow them. It is a great way to increase followers on social media accounts. 

5. MIRL: It is short for Meet In Real Life. You use it when you have been talking to someone online and want to meet them in real life. It could be your friend or your date or your followers as well. 

6. SMH: SMH stands for Shaking My Head! It is used when you do not agree with something and want to show your disbelief. 

7. TYSM: It stands for Thank You So much. If someone has helped you and you want to show gratitude to him or her, you can say TYSM. 

8. GOAT: It stands for Greatest of All Time. It is used to tell that this guy or girl is the greatest of all time. It is used mostly for celebrities, sports players, etc. For example - Ronaldo and Messi are the GOAT in Football. 

9. FOMO: Fear of Missing Out. It is used when you want to tell that you are afraid of missing out on something that others are doing. 

10. ILYSM: ILYSM stands for I Love you so much. 

11. TDTM: If someone sends you TDTM, it means that they want to talk dirty stuff with you. TDTM stands for Talk Dirty to Me.

12. FFS: It stands for For F**k’s Sake. It is used to show that you are annoyed at something. 


Here are some frequently asked questions related to PMOYS(Put me on your Snapchat).

Can I say PMOYS to everyone? 

No. You can not say PMOYS to everyone. You can say this to someone who you are close with or you casually meet them. 

PMOYS can be offensive

However, you can not send it to people who you have met formally and are not friends with them. 

Is it okay to ask friends for PMOYS? 

This depends on the friend you are asking to put you on the Snapchat story. If the friend is close, it is okay. However, it is not okay to ask them all the time. Also saying PMOYS can be offensive to people who like living anonymously and do not post much content and share things publicly. 


Teenagers use Snapchat because it is quick, fun, and cool. They have invented many words or slang that are widely used by teens across the globe. Sometimes while talking to someone on Snapchat, you may encounter this slang. One such slang is PMOYS.

Many people wonder what does PMOYS mean on Snapchat. It means Put Me on Your Snapchat. 

I hope that this article has answered all your questions related to PMOYS.

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