What Is Animedao? Is It Safe And Legal?


Animedao.to is an ad-supported streaming site for Japanese anime and cartoons.

Animedao.to brings your favorite shows from Japan to your living room, computer, and mobile devices. The question is, is Animedao.to safe?

What is Animedao?

The website Animedao.to is well-recognized for offering a variety of anime-related material, such as dramas, films, news segments, etc.

What Is Animedao Is It Safe And Legal

It has an intuitive user interface and is easy to use. The sole reason the anime industry is a multibillion-dollar industry is that viewers like anime's distinctive narrative, which catches the attention of viewers everywhere.

It provides instructional, interesting, and unique character profiles, subplots, narrative, character progression, and material to the viewer to provide a pleasurable watching experience.

Animedao is comparable to a type of art that has the power to entrap and draw you into a fantastical world. Additionally, this website provides imaginative anime and television shows with a global fan following.

Animedao’s features

Below are some of the features of Animedao.to that you should know of.

  • Remarkable search tool - Enables viewers to quickly find their favorite anime, as well as a variety of anime with a focused target audience.
  • Description of plot and characters - It concisely describes the plot and character traits.
  • Subtitles - There are available English subtitles for your convenience so that you can follow along.
  • Endless Streaming - By just opening a free account and looking for your favorite material, you can watch for as long as you want.

Categories in Animedao

The website covers a wide variety of categories, and any of the sections listed below will allow you to access your favorite anime content.

animedao categories
  • Recent Added - These are lists of anime series or movies that were recently uploaded on the site.
  • Completed anime series - These are lists of anime series whose number of episodes are all uploaded on the site.
  • Popular Anime - These are lists of anime series or movies that are most watched.
  • Latest anime - These are lists of anime series or movies that just came out recently.

Pros and cons of Animedao

Below are the lists of the pros and cons of Animedao.to:


  • It has the most recent episodes and content. 
  • Viewers have access to the content reviews they want to see. 
  • The user interface can be altered and is adaptable. 
  • There is an autoplay function.


  • It is an unlawful website with harmful viruses that could harm your device. 
  • By entering a forbidden website, you could run into legal problems.
  • Full of advertisements.

Is Animedao free?

Yes, animedao.to is a highly popular and rapidly growing free anime streaming service and is well organized and nicely put together

The extensive library of programs on this website allows you to view any anime that is offered. However, animedao.to only offers HD-quality subtitled anime.

Is Animedao safe and legal?

No, animedao.to is not safe, secure, or legitimate.

The website lacks authorization from copyright holders and is unsafe due to the volume of advertisements. Links in the advertisements take you to malicious websites that harm your system.

You face the risk of obtaining viruses that harm the functioning of your system by accessing certain websites. The government may take strong measures if it finds out that people are browsing illegal websites.

Is Animedao still available?

Yes, Animedao.to is still running and functioning. Therefore, we can still watch anime series and movies from it.

Can I download anime videos in Animedao?

Yes, we can download anime videos in Animedao.to. You can follow 2 methods to do so. 

Method 1. - Video DownloadHelper

A well-known download plugin that works with Google Chrome and Firefox is called Video DownloadHelper.


It facilitates the scraping of media content from a variety of websites and supports HTTP, MPEG-DASH, and HLS, among other popular streaming protocols

In other words, Video DownloadHelper can download anime from AnimeDao as well as the majority of other anime websites that are available today.

First, install Video DownloadHelper. Alternatively, you may get it through your browser's official add-ons or extension website.

A three-ball icon appears in the browser's top toolbar when the extension has been installed. The Video DownloadHelper symbol will soon be colored after you have watched the anime episode you wish to save.

You can access all download choices by clicking the Video DownloadHelper icon. Typically, it is advised to choose the option with the full file size shown.

Ad-blocking software must be turned off in order for Video DownloadHelper to properly scrape the source and you won't be able to stream content.

You might be taken to a new page where you are prompted to choose your download method—browser or Companion app. Selecting the browser method to download from AnimeDao is OK. We have repeatedly tried it, and we never run into problems.

You might be taken to a new page where you are prompted to choose your download method—browser or Companion app. Selecting the browser method to download from AnimeDao is OK. We have repeatedly tried it, and we never run into problems.

Pressing Ctrl+J will allow you to locate the downloaded file after it is finished. This operation will launch the downloads section of your browser.

Method 2. - Internet Download Manager (IDM)

You need a comprehensive download solution. You can then give Internet Download Manager a shot.

It is arguably the best download manager application available, distinguished by outstanding download performance and online media content downloading abilities. A 30-day free trial is offered

After a quick installation, you can use IDM to download free from AnimeDao throughout the trial period.

Install IDM on your PC by following the instructions there. Then it will direct you to install an extension for the IDM Integration Module that enables direct episode saving on AnimeDao pages.

Play the preferred anime when you're ready to start, and an IDM download button will show up above the video. 

A new Download File Info box appears after clicking the download button. You can configure the download category and output path and add a description in the new dialog. Click Start Download next if you want to download the episode later.

When it's done, a dialog box stating that the download is complete will display. You can now examine the downloaded file.

Alternatives for Animedao

If you don’t like Animedeo.to you may check out these alternative websites.


Additionally, you may keep these sites in mind in case Animedao stops working in the future. 

  • Tubi TV - Tubi TV is a free ad-supported streaming service featuring dozens of categories such as Action, Drama, Comedy, and others.
  • AnimeHeaven - AnimeHeaven is a family-friendly site that focuses on anime and manga series.’
  • NarutoGet - NarutoGet is a one-stop online shopping website for everything Naruto. You can find all the manga here, the latest episodes and movies, check out our hot deals, and of course, shop for all your favorite Naruto merchandise.
  • AnimePahe - AnimePahe is an anime streaming app that streams thousands of shows and the latest episodes. There are no ads or limitations on the shows, so you can enjoy a high-quality video with ease.
  • Cartoon Crazy - Cartoon Crazy is a web-based anime video site where you can watch anime without downloading it.
  • AnimeFrenzy - AnimeFrenzy is a top-notch internet streaming service that enables you to find the best Japanese anime. It provides you with a ton of entertainment in many different forms.
  • WatchAnimeMovie - WatchAnimeMovie is a free and ad-free anime, movie, and live-action website dedicated to delivering the best watch experience possible.
  • AnimeVibe - AnimeVibe is a site for the Anime community run by Anime enthusiasts. The site is passionate about anime, including everything from subbed anime to dubs
  • Anime-Planet - Anime-Planet is your one-stop shop for all things anime. Watch the most recent episodes of your favorite shows, learn about new series, and spread the word about your favorite anime all in one spot!
  • 9Anime - 9Anime is an independent streaming service that offers anime titles with an ad-free experience and premium features.


Watching anime from around the globe, except Japan, can be a challenging task.

Fortunately, various anime streaming websites like Animedao.to are available for us to watch our favorite anime series and movies

However, keep in mind that not all anime streaming websites are safe and legal. Practice caution when watching anime online and only use websites that are safe and legal.

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