What Is Digital PR Link Building? A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners


You have probably heard about the advantages of traditional PR for developing a project or business in general. Be sure that PR works very effectively in the digital sphere as well, so you have to use this strategy to promote your website in 2023 and the upcoming 2024. What can you get? More traffic. More visitors to your resource. More buyers. Accordingly, more money.

Like any other strategy, digital PR link-building requires the right approach. In a nutshell, make quality content, choose authoritative platforms for publication, and you will get the desired result. If detailed, be ready to read on.

What is digital PR link building?

Digital PR link-building is an approach that integrates traditional public relations techniques with modern digital marketing, particularly search engine optimization (SEO). The primary purpose is to get backlinks to your website by creating relationships with bloggers, publishers, or influencers. What can you offer them? There is only one answer – valuable, high-quality, informative content for their audience.

What is digital PR link building

It is necessary to know the main rules of digital PR. In another case, you can bark up the wrong tree.

So, let's come to the point and discuss this issue:

  • Concentrate on quality. Quantity should take the second place.
  • Reach out to reputable, high-authority websites.
  • Pick up relevant to your industry platforms.
  • Use white-hat SEO tactics only.
  • Avoid manipulative practices that can lead to penalties from search engines.
  • Engage with your audience and influencers through various channels.

Do you need an example? So, imagine you own a tech startup, and you are promoting a mobile app for managing daily tasks. Create blog posts detailing the unique features of the app. Post video tutorials showcasing your app's user-friendliness and functionality.

What is digital PR link building_2

With this content, you can reach out to tech bloggers and influencers, offering exclusive early access to the app for review. They also send press releases to technology news websites, focusing on the app's innovative features and potential impact on daily productivity.

To maximize visibility, write a press release highlighting the app's key features, benefits, and uniqueness.What outcome can you expect? Well-known tech blogs and news websites review the app. It results in high-quality backlinks to your website.

Why can digital PR link building help your business?

Digital PR link-building helps make your business more visible to potential customers. Using this strategy, you can kill two birds with one stone: boost search engine rankings and attract your target audience. Isn't it great?

But you can get even more:

  • Consumers see your business associated with trusted sources. It can enhance your brand's credibility.
  • Visitors from reputable sites are often more engaged and have a higher potential of converting into customers.
  • Your message reaches the right people. 
  • Engaging with influencers helps in building proficient long-term relationships.
  • Regular mentions and links across different online platforms increase your brand's recognition, helping you establish or maintain a position as a leader in your industry.
  • The content created for PR purposes, like articles, infographics, and videos, can be repurposed for different marketing channels.

Businesses that effectively utilize digital PR strategies often stand out from competitors who don't, giving them an edge in the market. Unlike traditional marketing methods, digital PR results can be tracked and measured. Analytics tools can show the impact of your PR efforts on website traffic, search ranking, and overall online engagement.

Why can digital PR link building help your business

Best digital PR link building strategies for high-quality links

We move from the question of why to the question of how. How to use digital PR link-building to achieve results while spending a minimum of effort, time, and money? By trial and error, we determined the most effective strategies you can easily implement.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is a cornerstone of digital PR link-building. Research and identify blogs that are relevant to your industry. Create informative content you want to publish. Reach out to the blog owners and offer them your material.

The main question is, where can you find these platforms for guest posting? And here are two solutions. Search for them on Google. Yes, it is time-consuming and tedious indeed. Utilize PR distribution marketplace Collaborator instead. It offers a vast catalog of authoritative websites where you can post your content. Guest posting with this service is a piece of cake. Sign up, create a project, pick up the website among over 27,000 platforms, and make a task. Usually, deals are completed in 24 hours.

Guest blogging


Leverage current news stories to draw attention to your brand and gain high-quality backlinks. It is the essence of newsjacking. As soon as a relevant story breaks, start working on your response. Speed is crucial to ensure your content is relevant and timely. Develop content that links your brand or products to the news story. Don't forget about relevant keywords and phrases.


So, your content is ready. What is next? Contact media outlets covering the story. Offer them your unique perspective or additional information to enrich their coverage. When done right, newsjacking can be a powerful tool to gain media attention and earn backlinks.

Creative campaigns

You can launch creative campaigns to get backlinks. Start with an innovative and unique idea that stands out. It could be something humorous, emotionally appealing, or highly informative. Incorporate a mix of media formats like videos, infographics, podcasts, or interactive tools. It works highly effectively. Create campaigns that encourage audience participation and keep an eye on the response.

Thought leadership

Implementing thought leadership can significantly enhance the quality of your links. The main point of this strategy is to highlight your company's expertise. How could you do it? Post well-researched content directly on your website.

Along with this, you can use other tactics:

  • Contribute to industry publications.
  • Participate in conferences and webinars as a speaker.
  • Host webinars or podcasts.
  • Engage in social media thought leadership.
  • Produce original research or data.
  • Respond to current industry trends.
  • Regularly update your content.

Additionally, you can build partnerships with thought leaders or industry experts for joint content creation. And, of course, remember about SEO – use relevant keywords, optimize titles and meta descriptions, and so on.

Thought Leadership

Data-driven research studies

When choosing a product or service, users often rely on research. It works in different fields: cosmetology, technology, cooking, etc. For example, a woman chooses a rejuvenating cream. She is more willing to buy a product whose effectiveness has been confirmed by research.

Use this strategy to reap benefits for your business. Conduct original research or studies that produce new data or insights relevant to your industry. After completing the analysis, publish it in a comprehensive report on your website, ensuring it is well-structured and easy to understand. Share it with industry influencers, journalists, and on relevant forums and social media platforms.

Data-Driven Research Studies

Product PR

Last but not least, the strategy in our list is product PR. Imagine you own a tech company. Let's say you offer a groundbreaking smartwatch with unique health-tracking features. Sent out the smartwatch to key tech influencers offering them first-hand experience of the product. After reviewing the product, they publish articles on their website with backlinks to yours.

Final thoughts

You won't go wrong if you choose digital PR link-building to promote your online project. It offers numerous benefits for businesses. It can make your brand more discoverable to potential customers. Your website will rank higher in search engines. Additionally, digital PR fosters valuable industry relationships and can improve audience targeting, ensuring your content reaches the most relevant viewers. Overall, it's a comprehensive approach that strengthens SEO and supports broader marketing objectives.

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