Where Is BetterDiscord Folder? How To Install That Theme?


If you're a Discord user, chances are you've been looking for a new theme to spice up your experience. And if you're even more like me, you've probably looked for a new theme for your desktop client—but didn't know where to find one.

I used to spend hours searching for the perfect theme for my desktop client, but that was before I found BetterDiscord Folder. Now all I have to do is download it and install it like any other app!

Allow me to show you how simple it is to locate and install.

In this article, I'll show you how to find the BetterDiscord Folder on your computer, download it, and install a theme of your choice.

What is BetterDiscord?

BetterDiscord is a third-party version of Discord, the official chat app for gamers. While the developers behind BetterDiscord don't officially support their program, it offers many advanced functions that aren't available in other versions of Discord.

Where Is BetterDiscord Folder How To Install That Theme 1

Useful features and benefits of BetterDiscord include:

  • You can choose from many different templates to make your own theme.
  • It provides users with a means to alter the look and feel of the interface.
  • It comes with custom additions, like add-ons and plugins.
  • You can design and build your own plugins and themes.

BetterDiscord is available online, and you can download it in a similar way to downloading the official Discord application.

Once you create your account, there are many themes and plugins that can be installed so that you can customize how your Discord software looks when it's running onscreen.

What does the BetterDiscord do plugins folder?

A plugin is a software that adds to the functionality of another piece of software. In this case, we're talking about Discord and its collection of plugins. So what does the BetterDiscord plugins folder do?

It holds all of your Discord themes and plugins. You can put your themes and plugins here to make them easier to locate instead of having to search through your entire Discord folder for them.

This makes it easier for you to access them whenever you want to use them!

You can install any theme or plugin from this folder without having to download it from the website again; once it's installed in this folder, it will automatically be accessible whenever you want it!

How to set up BetterDiscord?

To get started, the first thing you'll need to do is download BetterDiscord. There are many ways to download it, but the easiest way is through their website.

betterdiscord homepage
  • Step one: You can click this link to go directly to their downloads page or scroll down for a list of different browsers and operating systems supported by BetterDiscord.
  • Step two: Then double-click on it and follow the installation prompts until it's finished installing.
  • Step three: After that, open up Discord and log in with your credentials (you should already have an account if you're reading this).
  • Step four: Now go back to the web browser where you were browsing for BetterDiscord downloads (like Google Chrome) and open up that .exe file again so that it can install itself as an extension in your browser window.
  • Step five: You'll see a notification pop up when it's done installing; just click "Open" when prompted by Chrome (or whatever browser you use).
  • Step six: Now, you should see a "BetterDiscord" button in the topmost right corner of your browser window.

Where is the BetterDiscord file location?

When you want to install a new theme or plug-in using BetterDiscord, it's important that you first locate the program’s folder on your hard drive.

BetterDiscord is a program that you can download from its website. It's an application that sits on your computer and runs alongside Discord so that it won't take up any space on your hard drive.

The BetterDiscord folder is located at C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.

After you locate and open the folder that is named “Appearance,” you will see two other folders in it: one called “Plugins” and another called “Themes.

How to use BetterDiscord themes?

Themes are usually the easiest way to change the appearance and feel of your Discord client. In order to install a new theme using BetterDiscord, you first need to locate the program’s folder on your hard drive.

After locating the BetterDiscord folder, open it and navigate to the “Themes” folder. You will see an assortment of files inside this folder, each corresponding to a different theme on the program's website.

How to install BetterDiscord themes?

When you're ready to download and install the BetterDiscord theme, do the following steps:

How to install BetterDiscord themes
  • Step one: Download your preferred BetterDiscord theme by opening its directory and saving it.
  • Step two: Go to the Discord app and tap on Settings at the bottom.
  • Step three: Find the “Themes” option and click on it under the "BetterDiscord" menu.
  • Step four: Tap "Open Theme Folder" in the Master pages section of the toolbar.
  • Step five: Once the file downloads, click on it to open your computer's desktop and drag the theme into this folder.
  • Step six: Installing the theme is a simple process. Once you've added it to your themes section, just switch on the switch next to its name, and voila! Your new look is ready for action.

How to install BetterDiscord plugins?

It's really easy to install BetterDiscord on your computer, but how do you get started?

How to install BetterDiscord plugins

Here's how:

  • Step one: Navigate to the BetterDiscord plugins directory and open the folder.
  • Step two: Download the target plugin from its download link.
  • Step three: Open the Discord application, then tap on the Settings icon.
  • Step four: Click the Plugins option under BetterDiscord, then locate and click on it.
  • Step five: Open the folder that contains your plugin files.
  • Step six: When the download is complete, drag and drop or copy & paste the downloaded plugin file into this folder.
  • Step seven: The plugin can be installed, customized, or disabled from Discord's Settings.

Use BetterDiscord today!

This is the end of our journey. I hope you have learned something new and interesting here and will use this information to improve your Discord experience.

You can now use BetterDiscord Folder and enjoy a more customized Discord experience. The installation process is quick and easy, but we understand that some people still want to know where they can find the theme.

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