Why Did Instagram Log Me Out? 5 Best Ways to Fix


You're probably sitting there, reading this, wondering why did Instagram log me out? Instagram is a great way to share your photos with friends and family. But you will occasionally get logged out of your account, which may be inconvenient!

You may have been innocently scrolling through your feed when you suddenly logged out. It could have happened when you tried to post a new photo or video. Or you've never had this problem before and have no idea what happened.

Whatever the case may be, we're here to help! We've got some tips for fixing your Instagram login problems and getting back into your account quickly.

Why did Instagram log me out?

Instagram has over one billion active users, Instagram belongs to the most popular social networking networks. It's also among the most accessible and influential in connecting people with their favorite celebrities and brands.

Why Did Instagram Log Me Out Best Ways to Fix

But what if you find yourself logged out of Instagram? This can be a frustrating experience for any user, but we're here to help! 

There are a few reasons why Instagram might have logged you out. 

Instagram is unavailable

The main reason why Instagram is unavailable is because of the servers used by the company. These servers allow people to use Instagram all day and night, but sometimes they can go down unexpectedly.

When this happens, it makes it impossible for people who are using Instagram at that moment in time to use any of its features.

This includes posting photos or videos on their account, checking out what other people have been posting recently (including celebrities), or even checking out their account settings without getting an error message saying there's something wrong with the system.

Check your email address and password

You're using an old password. If you haven't changed your password recently, it might be due to expire soon—and when it does, Instagram will automatically disable it and ask you to choose a new one

This is not necessarily because Instagram suspects anything fishy is going on (though it could be) but because they want to ensure their users use strong passwords that are difficult to crack.

You were banned from the platform

Instagram bans can happen for various reasons—for example, if someone else has hacked and restored your account. But there are also other ways to get banned that aren't so clear-cut.

What Happens When You Get Banned On Instagram

The most common reasons why Instagram might ban you:

  • Posting spammy content or links to other websites (including your own) in the comments section
  • Using bots to drive followers or likes to your account
  • Posting explicit material that violates Instagram's terms of service

You're using an old version of iOS or android

Suppose you're having trouble logging in to Instagram.

In that case, there's a good chance that your device may be running an older version of iOS or Android—which can cause problems for users who want access to certain features or functionality.

For example, if you try to post something from the app, it will tell you that "you need to update your device."

So what does that mean? Should only some versions of these operating systems have been updated by now?

Well, not precisely! The truth is that while some phones have been updated several times since they were first released (like the iPhone 5S), others have yet to see any updates since their launch date (like the Galaxy S3)

If your phone falls into this latter category, then there's no doubt it needs updating before anything else can happen—including logging into Instagram!

The app itself is buggy

It could be anything from a bug in the app itself to a problem with your internet connection or even just the fact that Instagram was updated and now uses a different server than before—and that can cause problems with logging in if you don't have access to the right one.

The first thing you should do when this happens is to check your settings on your phone or tablet: make sure everything looks normal, including your location settings and history (or whatever else might need adjusting). 

If that doesn't work, try restarting your device and signing back in from scratch; sometimes, that'll do the trick! Otherwise, close down all your other apps (you can always reopen them later) and see if that makes any difference. 

It's a safety precaution

Instagram ensures you're who you say you are before allowing you to post on the platform.

If you've ever used a website and gotten a message that says, "this page isn't available," then you know what this is like.

Instagram wants to make sure that no one else is pretending to be you—and they want to ensure they're doing it right so they don't accidentally ban someone who isn't breaking any rules!

What to do if Instagram logs you out

Instagram is a great place to share your photos and videos with friends and family worldwide, but it can sometimes be a little bit unreliable. If you've ever logged out of Instagram for no reason or had trouble logging in, we're here to help.

Instagram app should be updated

The easiest way of fixing a bug with your Instagram app is to update it. However, it is always recommended to ensure you stay updated, and the steps below will help you with that.

For iOS

  • On your iOS, locate and open your App Store.
  • Click on your profile icon at the top.
  • Next, locate Instagram and click on the "Update" button.

For android

  • Open Google Play Store.
  • At the top, tap the profile button.
  • Click on "Manage apps & device."
  • Tap the "Updates available."
  • Locate Instagram and click the "Update" button next to it.

Once the updates are complete, log in to your Instagram account and continue using it.

Turn off VPN

It's possible that you've been logged out of your account and don't know why—and you're also possibly having trouble logging back in because of a VPN or proxy service.

Turn off VPN

This post will explain what a VPN or proxy service is and why it might be causing problems for your Instagram account.

What is a vpn?

A virtual private network (or VPN) is a service that connects you to the internet over an encrypted tunnel

It can make your browsing experience more secure and private by encrypting all your traffic and allowing you to browse anonymously.

Many people use VPNs to protect themselves against hackers, spammers, and other unwanted intruders trying to access their data while they browse online.

Why would using a vpn make my Instagram log me out?

The issue with Instagram logging users out is that when you sign up for an account, you permit it to access your phone number so that it can send SMS texts if there are any problems with your account, such as suspicious activity on it or if your password is compromised.

Let Instagram repair it

If you've ever had the dreaded "Sorry, something went wrong" message when you try to log in, you know what I'm talking about.

You try again and again and again, but nothing works. Then, once every few months, you finally get back in—only to have it happen again.

What does this mean? It means that sometimes there are glitches in the system that cause problems with your account—and there isn't much you can do about them other than wait for them to be fixed or try resetting your password (if you even have one).

Keep only one account

If you've been using Instagram for a long time and need to remember the last time you logged out, it's probably because you've only ever had one account.

Keep only one account

Having multiple accounts on Instagram can be helpful—if you're an influencer, for example, or have more than one brand. But let's be honest: most people have just one account.

So why should we keep only one account? Well, there are a few reasons:

  • You can save time logging in and out of multiple accounts.
  • You can manage your notifications better by keeping them all through one account.
  • You can access all of the features of Instagram (including Stories) from any device without having to log in and out repeatedly.

Uninstall any suspicious third-party applications

Linking third-party apps to your Instagram account can cause your Instagram account hacked. So, remove the third-party apps you no longer need.

  • Access your Instagram account via a browser.
  • Go to "Settings."
  • Click on "Apps and Websites."
  • Tap the "Remove" button next to the third-party app.

You can now access your Instagram account with no issues.


I hope this blog entry has helped you understand why Instagram may lock you out and how to resolve the issue. Kindly leave a message below if you have any queries or wish to share your experiences.

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