How To Use Xenon Discord Bot (Features, Commands, Setup)


Discord is a social media app where you can connect with people with the same interests as you in communities called Discord Servers. 

These discord servers can have hundreds or thousands of members. You can send messages on these servers, have a group call, etc. 

These servers are managed by admins and moderators. But when the members increase in numbers, the admins use Discord Bots to manage these servers. These bots have many features that make handling a server easy. 

One such bot is Xenon Discord Bot. It helps to create backup of your server. And in this article today, we will talk about Xenon Bot Features, How you can set it on your server and Xenon Bot Commands. 

What is Xenon Discord bot? 

Xenon is a Discord Bot created to create backup of your servers so that you can restore a server if needed. It is currently used by 2.04M servers to create backup of the server, copy a server settings, transfer messages from one channel to the other, or use templates to create a server. 

Xenon Bot was one of the first bots to introduce server templates which people can use. 

Xenon Discord bot features

Here is a list of features that Xenon Discord Bot offers which make it so popular that more than 2M servers are using this bot. 

Create backup 

With Xenon Discord Bot, you can manually create backup of your server, its settings, server roles, channels, etc. You can create a name for the backup and save it in any server permanently. You can use this backup to load the server with the same settings, roles and channels any time. 

Create backup

If you have bought the premium for Xenon Discord Bot, you can also create backup of your messages, members, people you have banned, 

Automatic backup

With this option in Xenon Discord Bot, you do not have to create manual backups of your servers. All you have to do is set up automatic backups from the settings, and the bot will take a backup when you set the date. You can chose everyday, every week or every month. 

It will replace the old backup with the new one. 

Server templates

Server templates is a unique feature offered by Xenon Bot. With this feature, when you create a new server, you can use the templates offered by Xenon Discord Bot. 

This will create your server based on the template that you chose. It will have pre created server roles, channels and settings. You can change all of this if you want to. 

You can create and share your own templates as well for others to use. 

Sync messages, roles, bans

This feature comes with the premium version of Xenon Discord Bot. With this feature, you can sync your servers, channels, etc. 

You can upload ban of members from one server to another server, you can clone a server or channels, and also you can upload messages to another channel or server.

How to setup and use Xenon bot in Discord

Now that we know the features of Xenon Bot, lets see How to Invite Xenon Discord Bot to the server so that you can utilise its features. 

Xenon bot setup

Here are the simple steps that you need to follow to install Xenon on your server: 

  1. First of all go to Xenon Bot’s official website by clicking here or by typing in search engine.
  2. Now on the homepage, you will find “Invite” button. Click on that. 
  3. This will take you to the Discord website or app if you have the app installed. 
  4. Enter your login credentials if not logged in already. 
  5. Then it will ask you to select the server where you want to install the Xenon Disord Bot. Select the server and click on Continue.
  6. Now grant the Xenon Bot the permissions it asks for and click on Authorize
  7. Fill the captcha to prove you are a human. 
  8. Now you will be redirected to Xenon Bot page where it will ask you to purchase premium. If you need it then purchase it otherwise you can skip this and come back to Discord to use the free version for your server. 

Xenon bot commands

To use Xenon Bot or any other bot on Discord, you need to give it some commands after which it will start to function based on the command that you give. 

Xenon bot commands

Xenon has a set of commands which you can type to make use of Xenon Bot on Discord. 

Lets have a look on those commands:

Note: Previously, Xenon Commands were accessible using x! Prefix only but now on the free version you can use / prefix as well. However on premium version, / prefix wont work.

/backup create: This command will create a backup of your server. 

/backup load: This command will load a backup of your server. You need to give backup ID to load it.

/backup list: This gives a list of all your backups.

/backup interval: You can manage automatic backups with this command. 

/template load: Load a template from Xenon templates.

/audit logs: This will give a list of actions performed on your server. 

/backup interval show: This will show you the current backup interval for this server.

/backup interval on: Turn on automatic backup interval set for this server. 

/backup interval off: Turn off automatic backup interval set for this server.

/backup cancel: Cancel the current backup on your server. 

/backup status: Get the status of the currently running loading process.

/backup info: This will give you last backup information. 

/backup delete: Delete a previously created backup.

/backup purge: Delete all (or some) of your backups.

/clone channel: Create a clone of the channel including permission overwrites.

/clone role: Create a clone of a role optionally including channel permission overwrites.

/copy: Copy a server without creating a backup.

/error: Show information about a command error.

/invite: Invite the Xenon bot to your server.

/leave: Make the bot leave this server.

Uninstall Xenon Discord bot

There are some times when Xenon Bot stops working. In that case, the best method is to uninstall the Xenon Bot from your server, and install it again.

Xenon bot authorize

There are 2 methods to remove Xenon Discord Bot from your server. One is by using the command, another by kicking it out. 

Method 1:

In this method we will use the command to remove Xenon Bot from a server. 

  1. Go to the server from where you want to remove Xenon Discord Bot. 
  2. Type /leave in the message box and send. 
  3. A message will appear “Are you Sure?” Click on “Yes Please”. 
  4. After this you will see a Bye message and the bot will be removed. 

Method 2:

In this method, we will kick the bot manually. 

  1. Go to the server from where you want the bot removed. 
  2. In the members list, find Xenon Bot. 
  3. Right Click on it and click on Kick Xenon. 
  4. It will ask reason. Leave it blank and click on Kick
  5. The bot will be removed. 


Xenon Bot is very useful in creating backups of your servers because sometimes there might be hackers, spammers who will ruin your server. With Xenon Discord Bot, you can load it to a previous point

I hope that this article was helpful in explaining how to setup and use Xenon Bot on Discord and also the Xenon Bot Commands. 

If you face any issues, you can always contact us. We will be happy to help. 

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